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Sanbio, exclusive distributor of the Benelux!

System Biosciences cell and molecular biology exosomes.

About SBI

What makes a small cell and molecular biology company great? The dedication to providing the most innovative, high-quality products and services that accelerate your exosome-based discoveries. System Biosciences recognizes the significance and huge potential of exosomes. In fact, they developed the first commercial exosome isolation kit.

“Harnessing innovation to drive discovery,,

Today, System Biosciences offers a wide range of exosome research and engineering tools. Many of their products have been cited by peer-reviewed publications (over 5000 product citations), including:

Most products and services are manufactured in System Biosciences’ facility located in California, USA to maintain strict control over quality conditions. The high-quality control applies to their scientific collaborators and distributors as well. Collaborators include partners such as research and technology companies and test laboratories.

Sanbio is System Biosciences’ exclusive distributor for the BeNeLux countries and Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. System Biosciences gladly shares their knowledge with you. We welcome you to visit their website for documentation, webinars, videos, etc. For further product information, we invite you to contact us at

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