EVery miRNome Profiler for Human Serum and Plasma

Get started with your serum/plasma exosomal miRNA profiling with this EVery-miRNome Profiler for Human Serum and Plasma in 384-well plate format containing ready-to-use primers in each well.

  • Screen 182 exosomal miRNAs (in duplicates), carefully selected based on literature and in-house NGS data of miRNAs in serum/plasma exosomes
  • Identify miRNA biomarkers and expression pattern signatures
  • Compatible with various EV and EV-RNA isolation methods from SBI
  • Use as little as nanogram amounts of starting EV RNA
  • Conduct high-throughput screens of clinical samples
  • Contains inbuilt controls for sample quality, monitoring hemolysis, isolation efficiency and interplate variation.
  • Primers dispensed and lyophilized in each well in an amount sufficient for one 10 ┬Ál reaction per well.
Catalog Number Description Size
EVery500B-1 EVery miRNome Profiler for Human Serum and Plasma 8 Complete Profiles

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