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We have a broad portfolio of high quality plastics including cell culture plastics, plates, dishes, flasks, serological pipettes, tubes, vials, bottles, cryoware, microscope slides. These includes products from NUNC and Nalgene, ThermoFisher Scientific brands.

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Success in life science demands excellence in every dimension. This includes the labware, equipment and consumables you trust for consistent, reliable results. Products from NUNC and Nalgene are committed to the highest quality standards from product materials and manufacturing methods, to customer support. Both companies are now part of ThermoFisher Scientific, but our cooperation has never changed. Additionally the products of Hycultec complete our line of labware.

In our range of plastic labware we provide extremely durable and best quality material for long product life and dependably low extractables. The wide line of plastics consists of:

  • Cryoware: cryo tubes, cryobank vials, matrix tubes, Mr. Frosty
  • Centrifugeware: oak ridge centrifuge tubes, centrifuge bottles, biobottles
  • Filtration: filter membranes, filter units, bottletop units, syringe filters
  • Laboratory bottles: wide-mouth bottles, HDPE bottles, rectangular bottles
  • Reusable plasticware: measuring cups and cylinders, graduated cylinders, flasks, funnels
  • Plastic packaging bottles and vials: PETG bottles, HDPE bottles, Micropackaging vials, diagnostic bottles

Besides plastic labware we offer solutions for cell culture growth and analysis in the area of biobanking, bioprocessing and food and beverage. Product categories within this area are;

  • Bioprocessing containers
  • Microplates, dishes and flasks
  • Cell culture plastics
  • Cell culture tubes
  • Cryoware
  • Diagnostic plates and modules

If you need any advice on the items please contact us to ensure that your research applications give you the most reproducible and reliable results.