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576 products


For transplant monitoring we can provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of HLA typing and antibody detection products, instrumentation, and computer software; all great tools to simplify and automate testing procedures and test evaluations. For in vitro complement activation experiments we can provide you with reagent Complement from human, rabbit, guinea pig and other species.

576 items

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Sanbio is the proud distributor of One Lambda, the founding father in HLA typing and antibody detection in transplant diagnostics. We distribute One Lambda’s portfolio of HLA typing kits and antibody detection products, laboratory instrumentation, and computer software that are used to simplify and automate testing procedures and final test results.

Antibody Detection
FlowDSA-XM™: selective HLA cross match.
The new way of flow cytometry cross match testing. FlowDSA-XM™ simplifies the complexity of conventional cross match testing with clear results. FlowDSA-XM™ combines traditional flow cytometry with microbead technology. Combining these two technologies offers the possibility to specifically determine the reactivity of any HLA antibodies present in the cross-test. This flow cytometry based crossmatch assay distinguishes HLA antibody reactivity from autoantibodies and immunosuppressive drugs with results available within 2 hours.

HLA Typing Technologies
Designed for the diverse needs of HLA labs, the molecular product range includes several technologies like Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Real-Time PCR (qPCR), sequence-based typing (SBT), reverse sequence-specific oligonucleotides (rSSO) and sequence-specific primers (SSP). Highlighting two of the outstanding product lines:

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
NGS based genotyping from the leader in HLA. AllType™ NGS assays offer a complete NGS (next generation sequencing) solution that delivers unambiguous, high-resolution genotyping results in less than three days. Distinctive are the all-in-one well amplification Kits for 8, 9 and 11 loci. A less complex NGS workflow that saves time and costs due to the greatly reduced “hands-on” time and reduced use of disposables and Taq polymerase. Including CE-IVD label.

LinkSēq™: HLA genotyping with qPCR
LinkSēq™ is a rapid genotyping method with a fast, reliable and simple workflow. From DNA to typing result in 90 minutes with a “hands-on” time of only ten minutes on a real time PCR instrument. For typing donors during call services, but also suitable for higher throughput during regular diagnostics.

Our Application Specialist Diagnostics is ready to help you select the right transplant diagnostics products for your laboratory. Click here for more information about One Lambda.

Our suppliers in this area: Cedarlane, Luminex and One Lambda.