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In this research area we have included products such as ELISA, rapid test for blood donor screening and testing of human infectious diseases including Hepatitis E, B and C, HIV, HTLV, EV-71, syphilis, tuberculosis and COVID-19.

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Within the field of microbiology our portfolio consists of products for diagnosis and research of infectious diseases.

Our portfolio focusses on bacterial infections and viral infections.

In the area of bacterial infections we recommend the use of dipslides to detect a hygiene problem at an early stage. Allowing companies and academic centers to take corrective actions during initial stages.

These bacterial dipslides can be used in different sectors. In the industrial sector it will help prevent costly breakdowns due to bacteria living in the manufacturing processes. Food safety has become a major news issue. The highest standards are demanded. Contact slides can locate a problem quickly for effective actions to be taken. Within the medical sector, diagnostic slides are used as rapid, simple tests for diagnosing bacterial infections.

The diagnostic slide is a safe, reliable and fast indicator of the presence of bacteria. Supplier sterile, the slide can be used on site where sampling takes just a few seconds, it is then replaced in the tube and incubated for 24-48 hours. The resulting markings are compared to a chart so that the level of bacterial growth can be ascertained. If bacteria are present, samples can be sent to a laboratory for identification. The appropriate corrective action can be taken.

To test for bacterial infections we provide ELISA or IFA (immunofluorescense assay) test systems for infectious diseases features common reagents and universal protocol (for testing among other STI, Lyme, ToRCH, EBV, MMR). If you are looking for an alternative to IFA and ELISA testing we can also provide another test which is linked to the AtheNA Multi-Lyte® Instrument from Luminex®

For viral infections we supply ELISA kits and rapid tests for clinical diagnosis of human infectious diseases and for screening of blood donors.

Our supplier in the area of microbiology: Beijing Wantai