Dimanco Ltd.

Sanbio, exclusive distributor of the Benelux!

Dimanco dipslides enables customers to detect a hygiene problem at an early stage, still allowing the customer to take corrective actions during initial stages. Which is saving time and money.

About Dimanco

Dimanco manufactures each component of the slides from the outer casting and paddle through to mixing the targeted media for detection of desired bacteria.

Dimanco dipslides has replaced the traditional method of testing and is a safe, reliable and fast indicator of the presence of bacteria. The slides are supplied sterile, which means they can be used on site where sampling takes just a few seconds. Then it is replaced in the tube and incubated for 24-48 hours. The resulting markings are compared to a chart so that the level of bacterial growth can be ascertained. If bacteria are present, samples can be sent to a laboratory for identification. The appropriate remedial action can then be taken.

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