The threat of NASH / NAFLD

Obesity is one of today’s most visible and growing public health problems. According to the World Health Organization in 2016 about 13% of the world’s adult population were obese¹. The consequences are serious health disorders on a large scale if no immediate action is taken. The obesity epidemic has resulted in an escalation in the number of individuals with steatosis (hepatic fat accumulation).  The molecular mechanisms involved in the development and progression of fatty liver diseases remain deficiently understood.

The study to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is subject of research studies all over the world due to the large consequences as NAFLD can lead to cirrhosis and all of its complications. Eventually liver transplantation might be necessary which has a high impact on both the medical sector as the patient.

The progression of NAFLD is shown schematically in the picture below². The number of individuals with steatosis progressing to NASH (non-alcoholic  steatohepatitis) is substantial. To understand the progression of NAFLD, and the mechanisms causing the transition to NASH, research efforts are increasing.

The threat of NASH / NAFLD

Cayman Chemical is on a mission to help scientists worldwide with their research dedicated to enhancing human (and animal) health by supplying high-quality biochemical tools and assay kits.

Cayman is also specialized in the field of Metabolism. With a range of products suitable for the research to NASH / NAFLD they are ready to support research in the area of obesity.

For more information about the study to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) we highly recommend to read the article, published by Cayman Chemical, ‘Targeting Insulin Resistance for the Treatment of NASH’³.

Honorable mentions and supporting products of Cayman to study NASH / NAFLD are:

Product code Description
10012643-1 Steatosis Colorimetric Assay Kit
500001-480 Lipid Droplets Fluorescence Assay Kit
701350-96 Alpha-Ketoglutarate Fluorometric Detection Assay Kit
10010303-96 Triglyceride Colorimetric Assay
10009055-96 TBARS Assay Kit
700870-96 TBARS (TCA Method) Assay Kit
700260-96 Alanine Transaminase Colorimetric Activity Assay Kit
10006915-96 PPARa Transcription Factor Assay Kit
10006855-96 PPARƴ Transcription Factor Assay Kit
71740-10 Rosiglitazone (several sizes available)
71750-5 Troglitazone (several sizes available)
71745-5  Pioglitazone (several sizes available)
20277-1  Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid (several sizes available)
15121-1  Ursodeoxycholic acid (sodium salt) (several sizes available)


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³ Kyle S. McCommis, Ph.D. Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO