Cell biology

Cell biology

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GM-CSF - Human
GM-CSF - Human ORF Genetics 01-AR080-0010mg 10 mg
SCF - Mouse
SCF - Mouse ORF Genetics 01-AA170-0010mg 10 mg
IL-3 - Human
IL-3 - Human ORF Genetics 01-AA090-0010mg 10 mg
G-CSF - Human
G-CSF - Human ORF Genetics 01-AA070-0010mg 10 mg
EGF - Human
EGF - Human ORF Genetics 01-AA060-1000 1.000 ug
EGF - Human
EGF - Human ORF Genetics 01-AA060-0050 50 ug
EGF - Human
EGF - Human ORF Genetics 01-AA060-0010mg 10 mg
TNF alpha - Human
TNF alpha - Human ORF Genetics 01-AA040-0010mg 10 mg
VEGF165 - Human
VEGF165 - Human ORF Genetics 01-AA010-0010mg 10 mg
LIF - Mouse
LIF - Mouse ORF Genetics 01-A1140-0010mg 10 mg
LIF - Human
LIF - Human ORF Genetics 01-A0880-0010mg 10 mg
SCF - Human
SCF - Human ORF Genetics 01-A0850-0010mg 10 mg
GDNF - Human
GDNF - Human ORF Genetics 01-A0460-0010mg 10 mg
KGF - Human
KGF - Human ORF Genetics 01-A0250-0010mg 10 mg
M-CSF - Human
M-CSF - Human ORF Genetics 01-A0220-0010mg 10 mg
FLT3 Ligand - Human
FLT3 Ligand - Human ORF Genetics 01-A0120-0010mg 10 mg
FGFb (146 aa) - Human
FGFb (146 aa) - Human ORF Genetics 01-A01110-0010mg 10 mg
IFN gamma - Human
IFN gamma - Human ORF Genetics 01-A0060-0010mg 10 mg

3319 items

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Our cell biology product line exists of specific primary cell lines with associated media, exclusive growth factors, cell based assays and transfection reagents to support research of fundamental cellular processes.

Sanbio is offering a wide range of quality products which contributes to stem cell research. Comprehensive product solutions for studying stem cell identification and differentiation.

Four important stem cell families:

  • Embryonic stem cells (ES cells or ESCs): pluripotent stem cells derived from the inner cell mass of an embryo, blastocyte.
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS): induced pluripotent stem cells are a type of pluripotent stem cell artificially derived from a non-pluripotent cell (typically an adult somatic cell) by introduction of certain genes.
  • Adult stem cells (somatic stem cells): undifferentiated or unspecialized cells, found throughout the body after embryonic development.
  • Cancel stem cells (CSCs): cancer cells found within tumors or hematological cancers, that possess characteristics associated with normal stem cells.

Our range includes cell media, reagents, differentiation medium, feeder cells, matrices and cultureware, molecular biology products, gene analysis tools, growth factors, hPSC-derived cells, cDNA clones, primers for qPCR, proteins and antibodies.

We are proud to have a wide assortment of cell culture media which comes in liquid form and includes Specialty, Classical and Supplement varieties. You can choose between low serum or serum free cell media. The cell medium products are customized with optimal growth factors and hormones for each primary cell type. The cell media are tested to ensure a high quality level and consistency. Also if you are looking for animal component-free cell media for keratinocytes, fibroblasts, hematopoietic cells and pluripotent and mesenchymal stem cells we are able to help you with your research.

The products of Genlantis, ORF Genetics, ScienCell Research are worth viewing for your cell biology research.

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