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FuGENE® offers a full portfolio of best-in-class transfection reagents.

About us

FuGENE® Transfection, founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 1996, is a market-leading innovator of nucleic acid delivery solutions. For over 25 years their transfection products have been successfully utilized, published, and trusted by thousands of researchers worldwide.

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FuGENE®6 was one of the first transfection reagents and is still an industry leader for transfecting DNA into eukaryotic cells. Later, the first non-liposomal 100% synthetic DNA transfection reagent, FuGENE®HD was discovered. This product is being used today in various biotechnology applications, from the gentle interrogation of cellular action to the production of vaccines and medicines.

FuGENE® has continued to innovate and now offers a full portfolio of best-in-class transfection reagents that span applications across DNA, RNA and CRISPR/Cas9 delivery, into a wide range of biologically relevant cell lines.  FuGENE® seeks to meet the needs of researchers, scientists, and clinicians in delivering nucleic acids and proteins to cells at market-leading efficiencies while remaining gentle on cells.

Products and Services

DNA Transfection

Explore market-leading DNA transfection reagents for delivery of DNA into eukaryotic and insect cells. The reagents, FuGENE®6 and FuGENE® HD combine high-efficiency transfection with extremely low toxicity to your cells. With simple, easy-to-use protocols, you save valuable laboratory time and resources. Whether it’s for life science research, protein/antibody production, virus production, or for groundbreaking therapeutic needs, FuGENE® has you covered.

RNA Transfection

Explore the newest RNA transfection reagent for high-efficiency delivery of siRNAs into eukaryotic cells. FuGENE® SI leverages our proprietary chemistry to provide superior transfection which yields maximum gene knockdown with extremely low cell toxicity. Whether it’s the delivery of siRNA, miRNA or similar short RNA molecules, FuGENE® has you covered.