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Sanbio, authorized distributor of the Benelux!

Becton Dickinson Cell & Biomarker preservation.

About BD

Sanbio is distributor of the cell and biomarker preservation collection.

The BD Vacutainer® family of products for blood cell and biomarker preservation are widely used in clinical and biomarker research across the world, in conjunction with a variety of downstream molecular, proteomics and cellular applications. These products help ensure reproducibility and accuracy of data and workflow efficiency when measuring biomarkers.

“Reliable results start with reliable samples,,

BD Vacutainer® blood collection tubes for cell and biomarker preservation

  • Demonstrate high performance for sample yield, purity, stability and storage conditions.
  • Streamline sample handling and minimize variability by decreasing or simplifying the number of preanalytical steps and avoiding the use of additional reagents.
  • May provide greater flexibility in logistics.
  • Are supported by numerous peer-reviewed publications.

Experience the benefits of fully closed collection systems

  • Streamline workflow and reduce variability when receiving samples from multiple sites or across various time points.
  • Reduce the risk of biohazard exposure.

View the cell and biomarker collection of Becton Dickinson (BD)  products here. Click here to contact us if you would like to receive more information about the products.

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