Overexpression stable cell lines

Stable Cell Line Development Service by OriGene

Generating custom cell lines is a tedious and complex process. OriGene offers a custom stable cell line development service that can be designed for knockdown, knock-in, or knockout of virtually any protein of interest (constitutive and inducible options available). Take advantage of their expertise in gene expression and highly effective gene delivery technologies to produce high-quality cell lines.

What they offer

  • Over Expression (ORF)
    • Inducible
    • Constitutive
  • Knockdown (shRNA)
    • Inducible
    • Constitutive
  • Knock-in (CRISPR)
  • Knockout (CRISPR)

Service Highlights

  • Fast turnaround time: 2-3 months
  • Choose from OriGene’s extensive ORF clone collection or provide your own expression cassette
  • Rigorous and customizable QC validation process
  • Professional, Global Technical Support

Cell Line Development Workflow

Inducible Stable Cell Line Development

Inducible expression is a valuable tool for functional analysis of assay systems with toxic targets. OriGene's All-in-one Tet-On system is a new and improved version of the original Tet-On systems, designed to significantly stimulate expression of the downstream gene of interest (GOI).

Custom Overexpression stable cell lines by System BioSciences

Reliable, high-quality custom stable cell line generation for overexpression of your protein- or regulatory RNA-of-interest

Leverage SBI’s viral and non-viral vectors in robust overexpression cell lines

Whether you want constitutive or inducible overexpression of a protein or regulatory RNA, SBI’s services team can create the construct and the cell line. They have access to a range of technologies—including stably integrating viral and non-viral vectors—and an expert team experienced at working with a variety of cell lines, including adherent and suspension cells. The result is hundreds of successfully constructed stable cell lines for highly satisfied customers.

Why choose SBI’s Stable Cell Line Services?

  • Save time by having SBI build your custom cell lines
  • Leverage our highly-regarded gene expression and delivery technologies
  • Accomplish more with our fast turnaround times and end-to-end services
  • Turn to the company that other companies turn to—we are a trusted stable cell line manufacturer for many large pharma/biotech companies
  • Enjoy consistent quality, confidentiality, and on-time delivery with all projects completed on-site in our Palo Alto, CA, facility

Available gene expression and delivery technologies

Viral Systems

  • Lentivectors—high titer and reliable
    • Random integration
    • Limited insert size
    • High copy number
  • Lentivirus Packaging—reliable gene delivery
    • High and ultra-high titers
    • Efficient transduction
    • Optimized reagents

Non-viral Systems

  • PhiC31 Integrase System—one-step single-copy integration
    • Site-specific integration
    • Unlimited insert size
    • Single copy number
  • PinPoint Targeted Integration System—excellent for creating isogenic cell lines
    • Site-specific integration
    • Unlimited insert size
    • Single copy number