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Proteintech: antibody reagent provider for scientists by scientists.

About Proteintech

Providing 100% unique products for scientists, that was Proteintech’s aim from the beginning when the company was founded in 2002. By scientists.

Knowing exactly what researchers require was the driving force that leads to the mission of producing antibodies for all proteins coded for the human genome. So far, they have succeeded for up to 65%; and counting. However, Proteintech’s aim has widened to providing antibody products that help the discoveries of tomorrow and progress personalized medicine.

“The benchmark in antibodies,,

The significance of providing antibodies with high-specificity and reproducibility has brought Proteintech to offer a range of products including:

Proteintech was the first antibody company to use siRNA knockdown validation to demonstrate specificity. Also, their Humankine products are created in HEK293 cells using animal-free components resulting in xeon-free high-quality proteins.

Sanbio proudly represents Proteintech in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. If you require any information on their services, products or technical support, please feel free to contact us at

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