FlexAble Antibody Labeling Kits

FlexAble is a novel antibody labeling kit of Proteintech that uses an affinity linker to conjugate fluorochromes, enzymes, and molecules in any buffer condition.

"Any Antibody. Any color. Any time."

PTG FlexAble Ab Labeling kit

How does the FlexAble Antibody Labeling Kit work?

Antibody labeling with FlexAble is achieved by using a high-affinity, non-covalent FlexLinker. The FlexLinker binds tightly to the antibody within minutes and once bound does not release from the antibody. Unbound FlexLinker is neutralized by adding a FlexQuencher.

The labeling reaction using FlexAble yields a homogenous, well-defined antibody that is fully functional. Neither aggregation nor a loss of antibody is observed during the labeling.

PTG FlexAble Ab Labeling kit

FlexAble is compatible with antibodies from any supplier

FlexAble labeling kits can be used to label:

  • Primary antibodies from any supplier
  • Antibodies of any concentration
  • Antibodies in any buffer formulation

FlexAble Antibody Labeling Kits have been thoroughly validated with primary antibodies from different suppliers. Primary antibodies with low concentration, antibodies stored in 50% glycerol, and antibodies supplemented with carriers like BSA are compatible for use with the FlexAble kits.

FlexAble works in the presence of BSA, glycerol, amine-buffers and preservatives

The FlexAble Antibody Labeling Kit works with any antibody formulation. Labeling with the high-affinity FlexLinker is not affected by stabilizers like BSA or glycerol, amine-containing buffers, or preservatives.

Antibody buffer formulation

FlexAble Antibody Labeling Kits work with any antibody formulation without the need to purify or buffer-exchange prior to labeling. This saves time and money and also avoids the loss of antibody that can happen during those processes. Since FlexAble utilizes a high-affinity FlexLinker molecule that binds site-specifically to an antibody, the binding reaction is not affected by carriers like BSA or glycerol, amine-containing buffers like Tris, or preservatives like sodium azide.

PTG FlexAble Ab Labeling kit fig 3

Anti-CD3 antibody, previously stored in the indicated concentration of glycerol, was efficiently labeled with FlexAble Antibody Labeling Kit regardless of the glycerol concentration during labeling. 1X10^6 human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) were stained with 0.5 µg anti-human CD3 antibody (clone UCHT1, 65151-1-IG-100UG) labeled with FlexAble CoraLite Plus 650 Kit (KFA023) . Cells were gated for live singlet lymphocytes.

Antibody Concentration

A highly concentrated antibody can be used without pre-dilution, or an antibody of low concentration can be used without further concentrating it. FlexAble is especially suitable for low-concentration antibodies due to the high affinity of the FlexLinker. Antibody concentrations as low as 0.06 mg/mL have been efficiently labeled with FlexAble.

Label your antibody in <10 minutes without additional equipment

Labeling antibodies with FlexAble is fast and easy due to a simple 2-step protocol. The procedure only requires about 30 seconds of hands-on time and only a pipette is needed. Mix your primary antibody, FlexLinker, and FlexBuffer together and incubate for 5 minutes. Add FlexQuencher to neutralize unbound FlexLinker and incubate again for 5 minutes. The antibody is ready for use in the time it takes to label your tubes.

PTG FlexAble Ab Labeling kit protocol

Simplified multiplexing with FlexAble

FlexAble Antibody Labeling Kits simplify multiplexing in immunofluorescence, western blotting, and flow cytometry. Save hands-on and incubation time by completing labeling of all your antibodies in 10 minutes before your experiment, followed by multiplex staining with all labeled antibodies at the same time. If primary antibodies of different species are used, they can even be labeled simultaneously in the same tube with FlexAble.

Product overview

FlexAble Antibody Labeling Kits

Conjugate Size Compatible with 
CoraLite 488 10 rxn, 50 rxn, 200 rxn Rabbit IgG, Mouse IgG1
CoraLite Plus 550 10 rxn, 50 rxn, 200 rxn Rabbit IgG, Mouse IgG1
CoraLite Plus 650 10 rxn, 50 rxn, 200 rxn Rabbit IgG, Mouse IgG1
CoraLite Plus 750 10 rxn, 50 rxn, 200 rxn Rabbit IgG, Mouse IgG1