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EXBIO manufactures and supplies antibodies.


Strong research & development (hybridoma technology, construction of recombinant proteins and antibodies) in co-operation with academic institutions ensures the continuous addition of important new products.

EXBIO entered the antibody market as a spin-off company of Czech Academy of Sciences in 1990. Continuous economic growth resulted in the movement to a brand new manufacture facility on February 2003. Sales in bulk quantity is the core business activity of the company.

The product range of EXBIO consists of antibodies, proteins, assay kits and diagnostic products. The main category of EXBIO is antibodies. EXBIO offers antibodies for three application types: Flow Cytometry, Immunohistochemistry and Functional Studies. The EXBIO antibodies are subdivided into Human Immunology, Rodent Immunology, Veterinary Reagents, Cell Biology and Isotype Control Reagents.

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