Apoptosis solutions by EXBIO

One of the earliest indications of apoptosis is the translocation of phosphatidylserine from the inner to the outer leaflet of the plasma membrane. Once exposed to the extracellular environment, phosphatidylserine becomes available for annexin V, a 35–36 kDa Ca2+ dependent phospholipid-binding protein with a high affinity for it. The early apoptotic cells have still intact plasma membrane, so their DNA is not accessible for propidium iodide dye, and these cells are annexin V positive and propidium iodide negative, unlike viable cells (annexin V negative, propidium iodide negative) and necrotic cells or late apoptotic cells (annexin V positive, propidium iodide positive).

EXBIO offers a complex solution for apoptosis detection via flow cytometry method: ApoFlowEx kit, annexin V in multiple formats, annexin V binding buffer and antibodies to apoptosis related antigens.

ApoFlowEx FITC Kit

Cat. No. Product Format Application Quantity
ED7044 ApoFlowEx FITC kit FITC FC 100 tests

Reagents provided: Annexin V FITC / Propidium Iodide / Annexin V Binding Buffer

Analysis of camptothecin treated (A, apoptosis induced) and not treated cells (B) upon staining with ApoFlowEx FITC kit.

Annexin V – purified and fluorescently labelled

Cat. no. Format Application Quantity
EXB0024 FITC FC 100 tests
EXB0029 FITC FC 500 tests
EXB0027 PE FC 100 tests
EXB0023 Dyomics 647 FC 100 tests
EXB0030 Dyomics 647 FC 500 tests
EXB0028 APC FC 100 tests
EXB0035 (coming soon) Purified FC 0,1 mg
EXB0031 (coming soon) Biotin FC 0,1 mg

Flow cytometry staining of apoptotic Jurkat cells with 7-AAD and annexin V FITC.

Annexin V Accessory Reagents

Cat. no. Product Quantity
EXB0019 Annexin V Binding Buffer (10x) 50 ml
EXB0018 Propidium Iodide 100 tests
EXB0026 7-AAD Viability Staining Solution 400 tests

CellCycleFlowEx FITC Kit

Cat. No. Product Application Quantity
ED7069 CellCycleFlowEx kit FC 200 tests

Reagents provided: Propidium Iodide / RNAse A / 10x Wash Buffer

CellCycleFlowEx is intended for cell cycle analyses based on measuring of DNA content using flow cytometry. It enables to recognize the cells in G0/G1 phase (the same amount of DA as the resting cells), S phase (in the process of DNA duplication), and G2/M phase (having double the amount of DNA as the resting cells). The kit is suitable for testing suspensions of isolated cells, such as leukocytes isolated from peripheral blood (PBMC) or cells from tissue culture.

CellCycleFlowEx FITC Kit

Analysis of A) PBMC stimulated with PHA (5 ug/ml) for 3 days and B) unstimulated cells.
Distribution of cells in the singlet gate according to the DNA content into G0/G1, S and G2/M phases of the cell cycle.