We are pleased to announce the Product launch with the new and improved Exo-Flow 2.0 EV Analysis Kits from SBI!

These kits build upon the successful Exo-Flow™ franchise, with newly reengineered beads designed to reduce non-specific / background binding of EVs. The result is an even better system for analysis of EV sub-populations by flow cytometry and more.

Exo-Flow 2.0 kits are available for popular tetraspanin markers including CD63, CD9, and CD81.  SBI also have a new version of our “BASIC” kit, which includes the streptavidin beads & all other reagents but no antibody, allowing researchers to provide their own biotinylated antibody for any surface marker of interest.

One important change from the first-gen Exo-Flow products: there are different versions of the new Exo-Flow 2.0 kits depending on whether the source of EVs is from serum/plasma or tissue culture media.  (The different versions feature different dyes which are necessary to minimize background in the different sample types.)

Key features & benefits include:

  • Powerful—analyze EV subpopulations for deeper insights into EV biology and biomarker discovery
  • Efficient—our Exo-Flow 2.0 beads can capture even small subpopulations of EVs to maximize your discoveries
  • Low-background—Exo-Flow 2.0 beads deliver undetectable background binding for targeted analysis of specific EV subpopulations
  • Easy-to-use—the magnetic bead-based workflow translates into quick and easy EV capture

Click here for all the Exo-Flow 2.0 E Analysis Kits.