miRNA precusor and anti-miRNA (miRZIP) Services

Do you need tools to study miRNA overexpression or knockdown?

Consider our supplier SBI comprehensive library of miRNA precursor for overexpressing miRNAs and anti-miRNA (miRZIP) constructs for knocking down miRNA levels.

If you cannot find the right construct for your project you can contact us for SBIs miRNA precusor and anti-miRNA (miRZIP) construction services.
Your custom construct can be prepared as high-quality plasmid DNA as packaged, ready-for-transduction lentivirus. Backed by their high-quality RNA products and extensive lentivirus and miRNA expertise, they deliver high success rates and fast, reliable timelines.

Why choose SBI’s RNA Services

  • Stay focused on your science by having SBI handle construction of your miRNA precursors or anti-miRNA miRZip constructs
  • Effortlessly leverage their extensive experience with both lentivirus and miRNA technologies
  • Accomplish more with fast turn-around times and comprehensive end-to-end services
  • Enjoy consistent quality, confidentiality, and on-time delivery with all projects

Ordering RNA Services is easy

Step 1: Contact the services team for a quote by emailing support@sanbio.nl
Step 2: Send us any necessary materials such as miRNA sequence
Step 3: Receive your constructs as plasmids or already packaged into ready-to-transduce lentivirus