miRNA & LncRNA Profiling Services

Are you looking for sensitive and highly quantitative qPCR-based miRNA of lncRNA profiling of human, mouse, rat or other model system samples?

Our supplier SBI’s miRNA and lncRNA Profiling Services deliver comprehensive, end-to-end profiling services that can be customized to meet your project’s needs. SBI’s pre-made MicroRNA qPCR arrays, such as their genome-wide miRNome Profilers can be used or choose your own miRs for a custom array.
They can take advantage of their sensitivity QuantiMir™  technology, so they can profile as little as 10 pg of miRNA or lncRNA.

Why choose SBI’s RNA Services

  • Stay focused on your science by having SBI handle qPCR profiling of your miRNAs and lncRNAs
  • Effortlessly leverage their sensitive QuantiMir technology and robust qPCR Arrays\
  • High success rates
  • Accomplish more with turn-around times of approximately 2 weeks and comprehensive end-to-end services
  • Enjoy consistent quality, confidentiality, and on-time delivery with all projects

Ordering RNA Services is easy

Step 1: Contact the services team for a quote by emailing support@sanbio.nl
Step 2: Ship your total RNA samples as little at 500ng, frozen in 10ul water on dry ice (Trizol-extracted RNA works great).
Step 3: SBI will generate miRNA-derived or lncRNA-derived cDNA suitable for qPCR and profile the RNAs using the qPCR array of your choice.
Step 4: All raw Ct data will be emailed directly to you.
Step 5: SBI scientists will perform statistical cross-comparison expression analysis and email this to you.
Step 6: We will contact you to review your data via a conference call.