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Monosan New Fuchsin Kit
Monosan New Fuchsin Kit MONOSAN MON-APP182 1 Kit (6 ml/60 Tests)
Rabbit anti-Uroplakin II (Polyclonal)
Rabbit anti-Uroplakin II (Polyclonal) MONOSAN MON9990 1 ml
Mouse anti-PTEN , clone 6H2.1 (Monoclonal)
Mouse anti-PTEN , clone 6H2.1 (Monoclonal) MONOSAN MON9985 1 ml
Mouse anti-GFAP, clone GFA-02 (Monoclonal)
Mouse anti-GFAP, clone GFA-02 (Monoclonal) MONOSAN MON3028 100 ug
Mouse anti-INSM1, clone A-8 (Monoclonal)
Mouse anti-INSM1, clone A-8 (Monoclonal) MONOSAN MON9983 0.5 ml

1947 items

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MONOSAN® is a product line with commercially available antibodies and established in 1978.

MONOSAN® contains over 2000 monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and reagents which are being developed and commercialized either in our own laboratories or in collaboration with some of the leading universities and research institutes throughout Europe.

Additionally to the regular range MONOSAN® offers MONOSAN® Xtra, MONOSAN® Ready-to-Use and MONOSAN® Reagents.