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Sanbio, exclusive distributor of the Benelux!

Research Donors offers biospecimens for precision medical research.

About us

Medicine will be transformed in the 21st century as new technologies are developed which use our blood and the immune system it contains to detect, treat and prevent disease.

As researchers race to develop new treatments and diagnostics, Research Donors recognised the urgent requirement for a European source of fresh, highly characterised human blood biospecimens for precision medicine research. 

“Enabling medical research through the power of blood,,

What we do

Research Donors recruits healthy volunteer donors to meet the blood biospecimen requirements of their clients. To-date they have recruited more than 2,000 donors, who enable researchers to access precisely defined blood samples to support their research and development activities.

Research Donors operates from their blood donation centre and onsite processing lab in London collecting samples via whole blood and apheresis methods. This facility is located in a highly populated and diverse community, close to the UK’s leading bioscience research centres and with excellent transport links across Europe. They have secured a license from the Human Tissue Authority and Research Ethics Approval from the NHS Health Research Authority which demonstrate their commitment to professional standards and integrity. The ‘Industry-grade’ procedures and documentation and consistently high sample quality have enabled Research Donors to build a customer base of more than 200 clients across the CRO, pharma, biotech, diagnostics and academic research markets in the United Kingdom. 

Sanbio is the exclusive distributor of Research Donors in the BeNeLux.

For researchers

Research Donors is an HTA licensed, ethically approved, ISO accredited facility. They collect, process and deliver blood biospecimens that meet the most demanding research requirements. With a large and diverse community of over 2000 active donors, Research Donors can call specific donors on the basis of age, sex, ethnicity and HLA type, to name but a few, as required by your project. Their on-site, custom-built lab tests and processes samples into a wide range of formats. Research Donors can deliver fresh biospecimens overnight in the BeNeLux.

All biomedical products

  • Whole blood
  • Buffy coat and red blood cells
  • PBMC's & leukopaks
  • Plasma & serum
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