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Now in business for nearly 20 years, Nordic BioSite is recognized as a leader in the supply of products for research and diagnostic, Immunology and Molecular Biology, to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostic and to academic researchers.

About Nordic Biosite

Nordic BioSite is an established growing company, representing a broad range of validated products for research and diagnostics. This includes areas such as neuroscience, stem cell and cancer research. Their products are used in multiple research areas including Alzheimer's, cancer and diabetes.

In 2012 Nordic BioSite acquired a cutting-edge Laboratory Services Facility, BioSiteHisto. BioSiteHisto is a fully equipped GLP certified laboratory, offering a complete range of services. This exciting development will allow them to provide services in the fields of histology, immunochemistry, In Situ – hybridization service, in vitro research and in vitro testing.

Nordic BioSite's OptibodiesTM - Optimal Antibodies for Optimal Research

Nordic BioSite has optimized a range of antibodies for markers which are clinically and diagnostically important. Research frequently necessitates a range of antibodies tailored to the specific needs of each individual project. As such, there is no one specific protocol for IHC that can be used regularly. In clinical perspective, antibodies must be specific with high affinity towards their epitopes, flexible to use, good LOT consistency and reliable. Nordic BioSite’s Optibody antibodies are carefully optimized and fine-tuned with the needs of today‘s research and clinical IHC laboratory. It is thus necessary to optimize an antibody for a variety of tissue types to show applicability of Optibody. OptibodiesTM are optimized using NordiQC recommendations of control tissues and criteria.

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Nordic Biosite - Optibodies

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