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High-quality biotechnology by MBL International.

About MBL

Biotechnology company MBL International says on their website: “We are committed to making your science more efficient and effective”. As their exclusive distributor, at Sanbio, we feel they do just that. Therefore, we take pleasure in extending this promise within the BeNeLux countries.

MBLI focusses on solutions-based products in life-science research reagents in immunology and molecular biology, but also clinical diagnostic reagents in autoimmune disease, infectious disease, and virology. Based on the antibody technology and immunology, MBLI has widened their scope to genetic tests, tumor markers, genomics, epigenetics, proteomics, oncology, metabolism, and regenerative medicine.

Their portfolio consists of:

  • monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies
  • MHC tetramers
  • fluorescent and recombinant proteins
  • ELISA kits

If we were invited to highlight one of their products, we would ascribe the property of high-quality to the tetramers especially. However, quality control is always a focal point at MBLI. No holds are barred for any product or extended service such as delivery, technical support, and customer service. In our opinion, that is the precise way to fulfill the promise.

The MBLI range of products and services is extensive. We welcome you to visit their website to find the corresponding applications you require. For more information about the products, deliveries, and technical support, please contact Sanbio at support@sanbio.nl.

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