Golden Bridge International

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Golden Bridge, an Origene company.

About GBI Labs

GBI Labs / Golden Bridge International Inc. is specialized in developing HRP- polymer and AP-polymer based detection kits for IHC application.

GBI Labs / Golden Bridge International (GBI), Inc. was founded, in 1993, for the purpose of supplying well-developed, affordable and unique biomedical reagents to research and diagnostic communities, biotech and pharmaceutical industries in the world.  GBI Labs develops and manufacture high quality Immunohistochemistry (IHC) products used for human anatomy pathology, veterinary pathology, antibody screening for drug discovery, and cancer research.

GBI Labs offers many unique products including double staining kit for co-expression, triple staining kits, human antibody screening kits, etc.

The unique Polink-2 Plus detection system is considered the most sensitive system on the market. High specificity of these kit provide customers to use mouse antibody, rabbit antibody, rat antibody and goat antibody on human tissue, mouse antibody on rat tissue, mouse antibody on mouse tissue or rat antibody on mouse tissue.

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