Bangs Laboratories

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Bangs Laboratories manufactures polymer, silica and magnetic microspheres.

About Bangs

Bangs Laboratories, Inc. is a manufacturer of uniform polymer, silica, and magnetic microsphere products for diagnostic, research, and flow cytometry applications. Their three lines of superparamagnetic microparticles allow them to uniquely address a wide range of applications in the life sciences, including cell separations, immunoassays, and suspension arrays.

Their collection of microsphere standards includes Quantum™ kits with QuickCal® for quantitative fluorescence analyses, ViaCheck™ standards for viability analyzers, NIST-traceable size standards for particle sizers, and count standards for particle and cell counters.

Bangs Laboratories newest QuantumPlex flow cytometry multiplexing kits complement specialty microspheres for a variety of immunoassay, molecular and cell biology and standardization applications.

Within the range of magnetic particles Magnefy™ (~1µm carboxylated superparamagnetic microspheres) is the newest addition. High surface area / high surface titer microparticles with a rapid separation profile, Magnefy offer an additional performance-driven solid phase for magnetic particle-based assays and isolations.

“Beads above the rest,,

The portfolio of Bangs Laboratories is divided into 13 categories:

  • Polystyrene Microspheres
  • Fluorescent Microspheres
  • Dyed Microspheres
  • Silica Microspheres
  • Affinity Ligand Coated Microspheres
  • Magnetic Microspheres & Particles
  • Magnetic Isolation Products & Kits
  • Instrument Standards
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Accessory Reagents
  • Coupling Kits
  • Equipment
  • Bargain Beads

Bangs Laboraties is a division of Polysciences, Inc.

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