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Alpco excels as a leading producer of life science test solutions to advance research and improve clinical outcomes.

About Alpco

Originally Alpco (American Laboratory Products Company) started as an importer and distributor of immunoassay based products for the North American life science markets.

In 2007, the portfolio of Alpco was expanded with the launch of an organically developed product line focused in the area of diabetes and obesity research. Later on Alpco added applications for HPLC, LC-MS, purified antibodies, recombinant proteins and flow cytometry reagents to the portfolio.

“Scientific Solutions for Life,,

Spectru™ is the brand of flow cytometry products. A selection of highly validated antibody panels are available within the range of Spectru™. Outstanding product stability allows researchers to perform longitudinal studies without the need to revalidate new lots. Spectru™ flow cytometry panels provide the reproducibility and accuracy needed to achieve superior results at a fraction of the costs.

The newest addition to the range of Alpco is the STELLUX® chemiluminescent assay platform. Aim of STELLUX® is to detect key biomarkers in life science research. All of the STELLUX® chemiluminescent immunoassays are highly sensitive, accurate broad range ELISAs that save laboratories time and money by significantly reducing sample preparation and taking the guesswork out of determining ideal dilution factors.

The portfolio of Alpco is suitable for customers in life science research and clinical diagnostics communities. Alpco would like to supply these industries with reliable products and services for the investigation, detection, diagnosis and treatment of health-related disorders and diseases.

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