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Abeomics Inc. focuses on research and development support, high throughput screening services, assay development and small- to large- scale manufacturing.

About Abeomics

Abeomics aims to discharge scientists from routine hands-on laboratory work, allowing scientists to focus on the next steps faster.

“Your partner in Proteomics™,,

Abeomics offers a portfolio of eight product categories:

  • Antibodies: Abeomics provides antibodies in several research areas as TLR and Innate Immunity, Apoptosis, Cell Signalling, Infectious Diseases, Stem Cells and many more. Contact us for more information or browse the search engine.
  • Immune-Check Point: regulators of the immune system.
  • Recombinant antibodies (rabbit, mouse or goat): Abeomics is converting all monoclonal antibodies, produced by hybridoma technology, to recombinant monoclonal antibodies (recmAb™) to obtain consistent results and to prevent lot-to-lot variations.
  • Cell lines: The Reporter Cell Lines (property of Abeomics) provide the most advanced system for screening STATs, Treg, Th17, TLR, DC-SIGN, Tim-1 and inflammatory pathway mediators.
  • Kits and reagents: within this product category Abeomics provides 6 product types: ELISA kits, Apoptosis Detection kits, Luciferase reporter assay kits, Flowcytometry staining kits, Cell dissociation solutions and Western Blot membranes.
  • Recombinant proteins: Abeomics offers a large range of over 6000 recombinant proteins.
  • Tissue Microarray: a microarray contains small representative tissue samples from hundreds of different cases on a single histologic slide. This allows high throughput analysis of multiple specimens at the same time.
  • Ligands and Inhibitors: TLR Ligands and Caspase Inhibitors.

View the catalogue of the Abeomics products here. Click here to contact us if you would like to receive more information about the products.