Psychedelic drug reference standards

The psychedelic drug references standards from Cayman Chemical are qualified ISO-accredited reference materials for a wide range of naturally derived and synthetic psychoactive substances. Cayman Chemical specialise in the synthesis, purification and characterisation of novel compounds including the Tryptamines and Entheogen family for research and drug discovery applications.

While psychedelic drugs are currently designated as controlled substances, some are demonstrating medicine benefits and are used in clinical studies for examining disease treatment.

With an expanding line of psychedelic compounds, these nove

l compounds are manufactured in DEA-regulated facilities and are supplied in both milligram and gram quantities. These reference standards are ideal for clinical studies, research and drug discovery.

Benefits of these psychedelic drug reference standards

  • Qualified ISO-accredited reference material
  • Manufactured in DEA-regulated facilities
  • Available for naturally derived and synthetic psychoactive substances
  • Supplied in milligram and gram quantities

Material available for download

Forensic chemistry and toxicology brochure

Hard copy lab wall posters

The Magic Molecules Behind Psychedelic Mushrooms

Products that fall within the drug reference material range may be considered a controlled product. We will require confirmation that you possess the necessary Opium Waiver from Farmatec (NL) or the FAGG (BE) for a controlled product to be supplied to you. These products may also be subject to additional fees for the handling and processing of your order.

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