Phospho-specific antibodies

Phospho-specific antibodies

Phospho-specific antibodies are antibodies that recognize phosphorylated proteins. Phosphorylation/dephosphorylation is a signaling mechanisms used to modulate the functional properties of proteins involved in gene expression, cell adhesion, cell proliferation, cell differentiation and the cell cycle. When you study the function of a protein the state of phosphorylation is an important aspect which make phospho-specific antibodies very important in studying signal transduction pathways.

Affinity Biosciences

Sanbio has selected Affinity Biosciences as supplier of Phospho-specific antibodies.

Affinity Biosciences was founded in 2006. So far, Affinity Biosciences has successfully developed more than 13,000 antibodies, and they have more than 15,000 kinds of peptides in stock. Phospho-specific antibodies have become their featured products, which is a great addition to the portfolio of Sanbio.

Why Phospho-specific antibodies of Affinity Biosciences?

  • Quality control

All products are in-house made. Each of their phosphorylated antibody is produced after 3-step affinity purification, and the final phosphorylated antibody will only identify the phosphorylated polypeptides, not the non-phosphorylated polypeptides (ELISA test guaranteed).

For western blotting, the species reactivity listed on the datasheet means that the antibody has been tested to cross-react with the homologous target proteins from these species. Unverified or predicted species reactivity will not be shown.

For the application of IHC, tissue microarray, which covers more than 30 species (including human, mouse and rat), was used to verify the species reactivity of the antibody. The IHC images of antibody are all traceable.

  • Extensive product catalog

Affinity Biosciences can provide more than 1700 phospho-specific antibodies from which 800 are original and pioneering products in the world. Antibodies with the cat# of AF8xxxx have earned a reputation from customers around the globe.

  • Information transparency and traceable procedures

Affinity Biosciences is always open to share specific information about the antigen, including HPLC and MS profiles. Please contact Sanbio if case you need more product details and we are happy to request the data for you.