Opioid analytical standards & reference materials

Cayman Chemical’s forensic range includes over 600 opioid analytical reference standards and ISO 17034-produced Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) to identify and quantitatively measure these drugs of abuse. In response to the opioid epidemic, Cayman has worked in close collaboration with the forensic community to expand its catalogue to include a wide collection of fentanyls and other emerging synthetic opioids as well as plant-derived opiates, their metabolites and internal standards.

Quantities also available in bulk.

More than 500 opioid standards available for:

Synthetic Opioids
• Fentanyls (>300 standards)
• Utopioids
• AH-, MT-45 & W-Series

• Prescription drugs
• Semi-synthetic street drugs
• Opioid antagonists

Material available for download

Cayman Chemical forensic chemistry brochure
Opioid analytical standards brochure
Prescription & illicit drug CRM brochure
New drugs of abuse standards brochure
Drug metabolite certified reference materials brochure

Hard copy lab wall posters

Laboratory Guide for Cathinone Identification and Naming
Benzodiazepine Metabolism Lab Guide
Laboratory Guide for Utopioid Identification, Naming, and Metabolism
Laboratory Guide for Fentanyl Identification, Naming, and Metabolism

Products that fall within the drug reference material range may be considered a controlled product. We will require confirmation that you possess the necessary Opium Waiver from Farmatec (NL) or the FAGG (BE) for a controlled product to be supplied to you. These products may also be subject to additional fees for the handling and processing of your order.

Since Sanbio is a Dutch company, we cannot promote controlled products on our website. All products available on www.caymanchem.com can be supplied by Sanbio. Feel free to reach out to our specialists to get more information about your product of interest: nheijmans@sanbio.nl or support@sanbio.nl.