Infinicyt™ FC Software

Infinicyt is the most advanced software for data integration and multidimensional analysis of flow cytometry files in the industry. One of the original objectives of the EuroFlow™ Consortium was the development of novel flow cytometry software tools for recognition of complex immunophenotypic patterns and multivariate analysis of flow cytometric data. In this context, the InfinicytSoftware includes innovative tools for analysis, integration and interpretation that make your flow cytometry data analysis:

  • Multivariate
  • Standard
  • Efficient
  • Sensitive
  • Reproducible

“Improve the accuracy of your data and enhance the efficiency of your clinical laboratory workflow”


  • The Automatic Population Separator (APS) of Infinicyt uses the information from all the parameters included in the file providing the best cell cluster separation, and highlights the markers that are most significant for this separation.
  • Multiparametric diagrams for the representation of several parameters and populations at the same time.
  • The inclusion of common markers at the same fluorochrome positions in multi-tube panels increments the reproducibility of the gating strategy used to identify target cell populations for phenotypic characterization.
  • The File Merge tool allows the integration of several files that can be globally analyzed at the same time in the Infinicyt software. Wacht below video for an example of the Infinicyt File Merge tool.


  • Automated software tools for comparison of sample with the Euroflow™ Databases of Infinicyt.
  • Create your own classification Databases and use the Infinicyt Compass tool for sample classification.
  • Save Reference Images in the profile for disease monitoring, identification of maturation patterns etc.


  • The Infinicyt Clustering Tool automatically groups all the events into clusters according to their relative distance in the multidimensional space. Below a video with an example of Clustering in the Infinicyt Software. 
  • Smart compensation module for automated compensation using single-stained tubes even with different control populations.
  • Population Burst diagrams allow the visualization of the hierarchy and relative distribution of cell populations in a single diagram.
  • Results from the Infinicyt Software can be linked to your Laboratory Information System


  • Automated analysis tools included in Infinicyt make the analysis user-independent providing objective and reproducible results.
  • Infinicyt™ includes robust statistics parameters that are less influenced by outlying events such as MAD, rSD and RCV%.
  • Infinicyt™ includes EuroFlow™ Profiles with the appropriate population tree and diagrams facilitating the analysis of samples stained with EuroFlow™ panels. An example of profile configuration with the Infinicyt Software in below video.


  • Infinicyt software has an optimal performance when processing large files (which is essential in MRD studies).
  • Limit of Detection and Lower Limit of Quantification are automatically calculated in the Automatic Report in order to provide an objective result following current reporting guidelines.

What’s new in Infinicyt 2.0 (v.2.0.4)

Since Infinicyt version 2.0 was released in 2017, Cytognos has kept developing new features in the software to streamline the flow cytometry laboratory workflow.

Cytognos is now releasing Infinicyt v.2.0.4 with added capabilities and software improvements such as:

  • A new security and logging system for regulated environments to manage the user accesses to different functions in the software, audit trails, electronic signatures, password-protected files. These new features support users in the compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation.
  • An improved Batch Analysis which allows you to run multiple files sequentially through any of the available EuroFlow™ databases.
  • Significantly improved speed when starting the software, loading and saving files, running EuroFlow™ databases, performing gates, reviewing “Check Populations” after Automated Analysis, modifying compensation, applying analysis strategies to files with more than 20 million events, drawing maturation pathways, applying Compass databases and grouping populations.
  • Other enhancements:
    • Automatic load of the default profile when opening a new file in case the last action performed was an automated analysis.
    • Alias are used in Automatic Reports when one fluorochrome has several markers in order to have the immunophenotype field more specific to each population.
    • Report table cells are not resized automatically according to text size allowing for a better selection of the text.
    • Text placeholder of the automatic reports are automatically replaced when users decide to edit them.
    • Warning of abnormal Kappa/Lambda ratio from automatic reports can now be included and excluded of the report at any time.

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