At Bethyl Laboratories, part of Fortis Life Sciences, they offer a range of custom antibody production and nanomaterial synthesis services to help overcome the research and development challenges within your business. For many of their clients, they realize that cutting-edge research requires custom solutions. Therefore, they are pleased to offer custom products and services, where their team of experienced scientists can ensure a successful outcome to projects across a wide range of scientific applications.

Custom Monoclonal Antibodies

Recombinant monoclonal antibodies can be custom made to meet your project-specific requirements by their expert team. They generate numerous candidates for you to test in your assays and workflows, in order to mitigate risk in the project.

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies

As specialists in production and purification of high-quality polyclonal antibodies, they offer custom polyclonal antibody production services, with the possibility of transitioning to a monoclonal antibody project at a later date.

Their Areas of Expertise

  • Target Types
    • Cell surface, secreted and intracellular targets
    • Anti-idiotype antibodies
    • Post-translational modifications (Phospho-specific antibodies)
    • Small molecules
  • Additional Serivces
    • Binding pair selection by competition binning
    • Monoclonal antibody reformatting
    • GMP manufacturing