cDNA clone set

Are you looking for transfection ready cDNA plasmids?
Clone quality and ease of use for high-throughput screening is utmost important. Our supplier OriGene delivers the clone set as transfection-ready cDNA plasmids, eliminating months of labor and potential risks when converting the bacterial stocks into high-quality DNA.

Advantages of cDNA clone set of OriGene

  • Large selection of over 100.000 expression plasmids tagged or untagged
  • Clone are sequence-verified and expression ready
  • Transfection ready DNA, with no need for E.coli handling/plasmid preparation
  • OriGene‚Äôs clones succesfully used worldwide and cited in many papers including Nature and Science

OriGene composed pre-selected pathway lists of many different Gene families such as Cancer Stem cells, Ion channels, Transcription Factors, and Gene Pathways such as Apoptosis, Cancer, Cardivascular, Signaling patways. Please check all the available pre-selected pathay list here. The cDNA clones can be tagged or non-tagged.

You can also create your own clone sets by selecting the cDNA clones of interest from the pre-selected pathway lists.