Cannabis analytical standards and reference materials

The cannabis reference materials range from Cayman Chemical includes a wide range of analytical standards and ISO 17034-produced Certified Reference Materials which can be used for the identification and quantification of components found in cannabis products.

Cayman Chemical offers authentic reference standards for the most prominent of these phytocannabinoids, many of their metabolites, including different tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD and CBG, ideal for analytical laboratories which carry our CBD/THC testing and analysis of CBD products.

Along with single-component standards for potency testing, terpene profiling and contaminants analysis, Cayman specialise in the production of pre-made, multi-component mixtures that are designed to improve quantitation accuracy and streamline workflows.

Benefits of these reference materials

  • Single- and multi-component mixtures available
  • Manufactured and tested to meet ISO/IEC 17025 & ISO 17034 international standards
  • Sold as quantitative solutions in sealed ampules
  • Given a certified property and uncertainty value for metrological traceability
  • Bulk quantities available

Material available for download

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Cayman Chemical forensic chemistry brochure
Application note - CRM mixtures improve quantitation accuracy

Hard copy lab wall posters

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​Phytocannabinoid Guide: Biosynthesis, Naming, and Numbering

Products that fall within the drug reference material range may be considered a controlled product. We will require confirmation that you possess the necessary Opium Waiver from Farmatec (NL) or the FAGG (BE) for a controlled product to be supplied to you. These products may also be subject to additional fees for the handling and processing of your order.