Oxidized low-density lipoprotien (oxLDL) particles contain low molecular weight species which are cytotoxic and pro-atherogenic.{9800} Many of these substances were recently isolated and purified from oxLDL, and identified as phosphatidylcholine species containing a fragmented, oxidized short-chain fatty acid remnant at the sn-2 position.{9891} 1-(Palmitoyl)-2-(5-keto-6-octene-dioyl) phosphatidylcholine, or KOdiA-PC, is one of the most potent CD36 ligands among the oxLDL species.{9890} KOdiA-PC confers CD36 scavenger receptor binding affinity to LDL at a frequency of only 2 to 3 KOdiA-PC molecules/LDL particle, and may be one of the more important structural determinants of oxLDL.
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