Geldanamycin (Item No. 13355) is a potent inhibitor of Hsp90 that has poor water solubility. 17-DMAG is a water-soluble derivative of geldanamycin which potently inhibits Hsp90 (IC50 = 24 nM) and has excellent bioavailability and tissue distribution in animals.{20709} Like other Hsp90 inhibitors, 17-DMAG has diverse anti-tumor actions and has potential in treating certain types of cancer.{20708,18248,20710,20713,20711} This compound also suppresses inflammation by interfering with signaling through the NF-?B pathway.{20712,20714} 17-DMAG also ameliorates high fat diet-induced renal failure in a mouse model of diabetes.{20715}
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