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  • Isolate cell-free DNA - NIPT

    NextPrep-Mag™ cfDNA Isolation Kit

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  • BiOstic Isolation

    Isolate your DNA or RNA from FFPE samples

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  • SATB2 antibody

    Classifying Carcinomas of unknown primary (CUP) origin

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What our clients say

  • Sanbio's knowledge and extensive portfolio helps us to solve many technical related research issues.

    Adrie Atsma, Vitens

  • Sanbio is not only a distribution company. Because they develop their own antibodies, you can also contact them for specific technical questions.

    Harry Begthel, Hubrecht Institute Utrecht

  • Top (high) quality histopathology antibodies and leader in neuromuscolar diseases markers.

    Marco D'Erasmo, DBA Italia S.r.l.

  • Sanbio/Monosan is a pleasure to work with as their team provides excellent levels of customer service.

    Rick Bhatt, Newmarket Scientific U.K.

  • Sanbio is always a partner in Diagnostics: troubleshooting and finding quick solutions are the characteristics of the people who work there.

    Karin Kleiverda, LUMC

  • It is easy to approach Sanbio, as they are a pleasant contact and provide good technical support.

    Dr. H.G. Otten, UMC Utrecht

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