The VIB organizes a symposium: 'Recent insights into Immuno-Oncology'.

Cancer immunotherapy has recently become a crucial pillar of anticancer therapy. This is mainly because of the unmatched long-term responses elicited by immune checkpoint blockers and T cell-based therapies in patients with advanced cancer. In spite of this, the efficacy of these therapeutics is still limited to certain patients and cancer types, largely because of a variety of resistance mechanisms in tumors that are currently being identified. Understanding the dialogue between cancer cells and the immune system and the molecular mechanisms by which immune checkpoints regulate anti-tumor immunity are essential cornerstones for the improvement of cancer immunotherapy.

This upcoming conference brings together leaders with young investigators engaged in the fields of Immuno-Oncology, immunometabolism and cellular therapies, with the main scope of sharing new insights into the immune response to tumors and tackle unresolved questions.

We anticipate that the conference will provide a perfect forum to stimulate discussion and interaction among participants, clinicians and experts of the burgeoning and rapidly evolving field of Immuno-Oncology.

The program brings together world recognized experts who will present their recent work in sessions focused on:

  • Immunometabolism
  • Cross talk myeloid cells
  • Clinical or translational
  • T Cell/ Immunotherapy
  • Precision Immuno-Oncology
  • Immune escape

Click here for registration and the program.