One Lambda, the founding fathers in HLA typing and antibody detection in transplant diagnostics.

About One Lambda

The founding father of transplant diagnostics, among which HLA typing and antibody detection products, is One Lambda. As a Thermo Fisher Scientific brand, the company is renown among transplant laboratories worldwide for their complete range of products.

As a global market leader, One Lambda is the source for most significant innovations. If research requires a new application or products need further attuning, it’s One Lambda who rises to the challenge. They continuously strive to develop new HLA typing and antibody detection products, laboratory instruments, and computer software enabling fast and easy transplant monitoring.

On their website, the company states: “We are committed to provide the most consistent and reliable reagents.” In order to comply with their mission, besides marketing and distributing their products, One Lambda also feels the obligation to be the driving force behind product development and educational programs. This enables the total HLA community, from beginner to advanced, to benefit from their products, knowledge, and experience.

“ We help clinicians build better patient profiles in all phases of transplantation,,

For technical support and educational purposes, the One Lambda website offers you to download software or watch webinars and symposia videos.

One Lambda is highly certified to comply with stringent regulations and deliver consistent quality products and services. Their overall knowledge of transplant diagnostics is extensive. As the exclusive One Lambda distributor for the Netherlands and Belgium, we gladly share this knowledge with you. For more information about the products and services, please contact Sanbio at