Krishgen BioSystems

Sanbio, exclusive distributor of the Benelux!

Krishgen provides high quality, sensitive assays and reagents for drug discovery and pharmaceutical research and development.

Market leaders in trends and innovation, Krishgen ELISA are validated following US FDA guidelines, and ensure good reproducibility, and lot-to-lot consistency.

For their drug and anti-drug antibody assays, they use anti-idiotypic antibodies, and the innovator drug as the standard calibrators for better specificity.

“Our reagents. Your research.,,

Based in Mumbai, India, Krishgen was established in 2003, and has been manufacturing immunoassays since 2008. Their strengths lie in their technical expertise and excellent customer support. The mission of Krishgen is to provide reliable products that use quality raw materials, to support customers and scientists with expert technical service, strong back-end customer support, and a wealth of information related to their research area.

Krishgen's several trademarked products and services are used by respected academic, biotech, pharmaceutical & government labs worldwide.

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