Everest Biotech

Experts in antigen affinity purified goat polyclonal antibodies.

About Everest

Since 2000, Everest has been producing a catalog containing thousands of goat antibodies against a broad range of human, mouse and rat proteins of biomedical interest.

Currently there are over 1800 antibodies listed on the catalogue, with approximately 45 new products added every month. All the antibodies in their catalog are:

  • Manufactured by Everest Biotech.
  • Tested by peptide ELISA and western blot.
  • Fully supported by PhD qualified technical support.
  • Covered by the industry leading "100% Satisfaction Guarantee".
  • >98% of their catalog antibodies are in stock in both USA and UK offices for fastest possible delivery times.

“Creating novel antibodies,,

The goat polyclonal antibodies of Everest Biotech are released as Elite Grade or Aspiring Grade products. The label depends on the testing performance and the state of knowledge about the target protein. Everest Biotech antibodies are high quality alternatives to the Santa Cruz polyclonal product range.

Additionally to the portfolio of goat polyclonal antibodies, Everest Biotech offers Shi-fix™ (which is manufactured by Shikhar Biotech, a spin-off of Everest Biotech). Shi-fix™ cover-slips allow suspension cells to be layered on them or directly grown as a monolayer. Easy, hassle-free protocol and no spin columns needed for fixing suspension cells to slides. Just add your cells to the coverslips, wait for 30 mins, wash unbound cells with PBS and proceed to immunostaining (or continue the culture to obtain desired cell densities).

Contact Sanbio for more information about the product portfolio and BeNeLux deliveries of Everest Biotech.

About Absolute Biotech

Absolute Biotech specializes in antibody reagents, kits and services, adding value to existing antibodies through annotation, validation, sequencing, engineering and recombinant manufacturing. This company unites multiple antibody-centric brands to offer customers worldwide the full breadth of antibody-related products, services and expertise for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Their mission is to serve as "antibody curators" for customers worldwide, treating each antibody like a work of art to deliver unique and absolutely defined reagents that empower scientists.

‘’Advance with Absolute Confidence’’


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