Euroclone® Cytogenetics: with a history of vast experience in the field of cytogenetic analysis, EuroClone® has developed a perfect combination of media, plastic supports, synchronizing agents, and equipment for pre- and post-natal analysis.

About Euroclone

The products can be used during pre-, and postnatal screening of different sample types such as amniotic fluid, chorionic villi, human lymphocytes from peripheral blood, bone marrow etc.

Within the research area Cytogenetics, Euroclone offers products in three categories:

  • Postnatal cytogenetic analysis: Postnatal cytogenetic analysis refers to the karyotyping of samples derived from a variety of tissues: peripheral blood, bone marrow and skin fibroblast.
  • Prenatal cytogenetic analysis: amniotic fluid, Chorionic Villi and In situ
  • Lab equipment: HyperChrome, Optichrome PLUS, Quickchrome.

“Serving science through innovation,,

In the early 80s’ the establishment of CELBIO represented a true milestone, and quickly became a reference for a number of scientists, giving them a valuable opportunity to gain access to a world of products and equipment in Biotechnology. Later on, this name became familiar also in the Medical and Diagnostic field.

Euroclone was established in 1998 by combining under a single property the various business activities started by individual active managers in the biomedical sector.

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