Boster Bio

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Boster Bio is an antibody manufacturer specializing in IHC-optimized polyclonal antibodies and picogram sensitivity ELISA kits.

About Boster Bio

With a range of over 12,000 antibodies, the antibodies are validated for applications including IHC, WB and Flow. Validation is done using WB and IHC against a panel of 250 tissues and un-transfected cell lines. Resulting in high affinity and clear IHC stains.

Additionally the antibodies are validated quantitatively by testing them on known quantities of recombinant proteins making sure you know what to expect (how many of the target protein is in the sample). The validation procedure can be requested and the validation images are available.

“Antibody and ELISA experts,,

Boster Bio has developed proprietary technologies including but not limited to:

Picokine™, a high sensitivity ELISA platform that enhances ELISA sensitivities across the board to picogram level. The ELISA kits are validated for a wide range of samples, from cell culture supernatants to blood plasma. The validation procedure can be requested and the validation images are available.

 Supervision, a polymer based secondary antibody that saves 30 min in IHC while improving background.

 Picoband™, powered by many insights into how to design the best immunogen for making antibodies against tricky proteins.

Boster Bio, offers guarantees quality of all product lines. This allows you to ensure that you are getting consistent performance and exceptional value from Boster Bio products, backed with highly responsive technical support provided by BeNeLux distributor Sanbio.

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