Products, solutions and services for the diagnostics of plant pathogens are provided by BIOREBA AG. The portfolio consists of laboratory products for sample preparation and complete test solutions based on ELISA and PCR technologies.


BIOREBA was the first company worldwide to produce and commercialize ELISA reagents for plant virus diagnostics in 1980. Since then the company is steadily growing which is resulting in a reputation for high quality diagnostics.

The main portfolio of BIOREBA consists of products for sample preparations, plant pathogen diagnostic tests. BIOREBA also provides additional products and disposables for the preparation of plant samples and liquid handling. Additionally the BIOREBA Testing Service supports customers in diagnostic assays for the detection of plant pathogens (viruses, bacteria, funghi and phytoplasma).

“Your partner in Agro-Diagnostics,,

Within the product range of sample preparation, BIOREBA provides three different product types:

  • Extraction bags for tissue extraction to be used in ELISA and PCR. Four different extraction bags in different sizes. With or without a synthetic intermediate layer.
  • Extraction devices for the grinding of plant samples. Both a semi-automated machine for high throughput applications as a hand model for efficient grinding of small number of samples are available within the range of BIOREBA. The BIOREBA extraction bags are suitable for use with the extraction devices.
  • Extraction buffers for DAS-ELISA (General, Grapevine, Bulbs & Tubers and Caulimo) and PCR (Potato DNA/RNA rapid extraction buffer).

The four plant pathogen diagnostic tests of BIOREBA are:

  • AgriStrip, a rapid one-step assay based on lateral flow immunochromatography suitable to confirm the presence of a plant pathogen in samples with suspicious symptoms.
  • ELISA: individual ELISA reagents, ELISA reagent sets and ELISA complete kits.
  • qPCR sets include Taq Master Mix, RT Master Mix (for RNA virus), Nuclease free Water, Primers-, Probes- and Internal Control Mix. The qPCR kits include additionally to the qPCR sets also the rapid DNA/RNA extraction set.
  • PCR Macroarray, a diagnostic kit for multiplex detection of eight potato pathogens (7 viruses and 1 viroid in one single reaction). To perform a test, less than 5 hours are required.

For additional products and disposables for the preparation of plant samples and liquid handling BIOREBA provides chemicals, buffers and substrates for ELISA applications. Additionally ELISA plates, single- and multichannel reservoirs, single- and multichannel pipettes and pipette tips.

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