Primarily focussed on oncology and genetic diseases, Asuragen develops and manufactures diagnostic products.

About us

The diagnostic tools and products in their range are high-performing, yet simple to adopt and use. Not without reason. It is their mission to help scientists retrieve results easily and quickly, so they can help medical staff help their patients as adequately as possible.

Asuragen accepted the challenge to transfer the continuously changing and rapidly growing amount of human health data into a meaningful understanding of what is needed. Now, and in the future. Their testing methods and products are developed with the idea that fast incorporation to the workflow enables physicians and researchers to operate without any delay.

“We're Driven to Know,,

Top brands comprise QuantideX for the oncology range, including molecular methods from qPCR to NGS. For the genetic field, AmplideX is a well-known brand for testing inherited genetic disorders. These technologies have appeared in nearly 100 articles in various clinical and research publications of which the most recent is a review of the highly-performing AmplideX PCR/CE C9orf72 Kit, published in the Journal of Molecular Pathology (JMD).

For more information on the Asuragen products, feel free to visit their general website or their specific ‘Resources’ webpage for in-depth information about products, illnesses, and publication.

Sanbio fulfills the role of exclusive distributor for Asuragen in the BeNeLux-countries. Besides streamlining the timely distribution of their products Sanbio also shares Asuragen’s technical knowledge and insights leading to goal-oriented solutions. We invite you to contact us at for any question you may have.