Established in 2006, Affinity Biosciences is a private-owned company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of antibodies to serve medical and biological research.

About us

Since its establishment, Affinity Biosciences has been committed to providing the highest quality antibody products and services to scientific researchers all over the world. So far, more than 14,000 kinds of antibodies have been successfully developed and the inventory of peptides exceeds 16,000. Among them, phosphorylated antibody is the world name card of Affinity brand. From our 2400 different of featured Phospho-Specific Antibodies, there are 800 exclusive worldwide (with Cat#AF7, Cat#AF8) verified by IHC tissue array, The combination of blocking peptide and Mass Spectrometry, Independent Antibody Verification recommended by IWGAV, Three levels of quality control, Third party verification and offered with original MS report and HPLC report. Customers could hardly find them from other suppliers.  At the same time, it provides fast and economical antibody customization services, and has helped many scientific research institutions around the world complete experimental expectations and publish.

Since 2018, Affinity antibody has continuously won the CiteAb (the world's largest antibody information platform), the most attention awards in 2019 and 2020, becoming the only antibody brand in the world to win this award.