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We suggest Sanbio’s top 5 blogs about the following topics:

Ferroptosis was identified just seven years ago, it was a previously unknown form of controlled cell death with significant similarities to oxytosis.

Do you know what the three key elements are to trigger the ferroptotic pathway? We can tell you all about it in our Ferroptosis blog.

Cytognos designed, in cooperation with the EuroFlow™ group, Next Generation Flow™ monitoring solutions for Hemato-oncology: MRD panels.

Read all about the two types of MRD panels that Cytognos offers.

Infinicyt is the most advanced software for data integration and multidimensional analysis of flow cytometry files in the industry.

The Software includes innovative tools for analysis, integration and interpretation that make your flow cytometry data analysis: Multivariate, Standard, Efficient, Sensitive and Reproducible. Discover the range of Infinicyt Software and read more.

In collaboration with histocompatibility, infectious disease and nephrology laboratories at Emory University, Stanford University, University of Cincinnati and the University Health Network in Toronto, Thermo Fisher's transplant diagnostic business has developed the One Lambda Luminex COVID assay. Read here all about the background, features and benefits of this assay.

What are neural stem cells (NSCs), neural progenitors, and neural precursors (NPCs)? Did you know that NPCs are distinct from differentiated cells of the nervous system at the molecular level or that NPC markers are very useful in establishing and monitoring in vitro NPC culture differentiation? Curious? Read our Markers of neuronal precursor cells (NPCs) / neural stem cells (NSCs) blog.

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