Starting March 1st through May 31st, there is a promotion for 5% discount on Epigentek's top chromatin immunoprecipitation kits and select ChIP-Grade Histone Antibodies.

The discount will only be available when you use the promo code Y2103CHP on your order and will be valid March 1, 2021, through May 31, 2021
The 5% discount can be added to the following products:

  • Chromatin Structure Analysis Kit
  • ChIP Kits
  • ChIP-Seq Kit
  • CUT&RUN / cTIP Kits
  • Select ChIP-Grade Histone Antibodies

Chromatin Structure Analysis

P-1047 EpiQuik Chromatin Accessibility Assay Kit

ChIP Kits

P-2002 EpiQuik Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) Kit
P-2027 ChromaFlash High-Sensitivity ChIP Kit
P-2014 EpiQuik Plant ChIP Kit

ChIP-Seq Kit

P-2030 EpiNext ChIP-Seq High-Sensitivity Kit


P-2028 EpiNext CUT&RUN Fast Kit
P-2032 EpiNext cTIP (CUT&Tag In-Place)-Sequencing Kit

Select ChIP-Grade Histone Antibodies

A-4031 Histone H3K4 Monomethyl Polyclonal Antibody
A-4033 Histone H3K4 Trimethyl Polyclonal Antibody
A-4022 Acetyl Histone H3K9 Polyclonal Antibody
A-4034 Histone H3K9 Monomethyl Polyclonal Antibody
A-4035 Histone H3K9 Dimethyl Polyclonal Antibody
A-4036 Histone H3K9 Trimethyl Polyclonal Antibody
A-4023 Acetyl Histone H3K14 Polyclonal Antibody
A-4708 H3K27ac Polyclonal Antibody
A-4037 Histone H3K27 Monomethyl Polyclonal Antibody
A-4038 Histone H3K27 Dimethyl Polyclonal Antibody
A-4039 Histone H3K27 Trimethyl Polyclonal Antibody
A-4041 Histone H3K36 Dimethyl Polyclonal Antibody
A-4042 Histone H3K36 Trimethyl Polyclonal Antibody
A-4026 Acetyl Histone H3K56 Polyclonal Antibody
A-4044 Histone H3K79 Dimethyl Polyclonal Antibody
A-4045 Histone H3K79 Trimethyl Polyclonal Antibody
A-3713 Histone H3R2 Monomethyl (H3R2me1) Polyclonal Antibody
A-3705 Histone H3R2 Dimethyl Symmetric (H3R2me2s) Polyclonal
A-3714 Histone H3R2 Dimethyl Asymmetric (H3R2me2a) Polyclonal
A-3706 Histone H3R8 Dimethyl Symmetric (H3R8me2s) Polyclonal
A-4047 Histone H4K20 Dimethyl Polyclonal Antibody
A-4048 Histone H4K20 Trimethyl Polyclonal Antibody