Agrisera offers 20% discount on chosen tag antibodies

You need to mention the discount code: Tag2022 on your order.
This promotion is valid in the period of July - December 2022

Product Number      Product Name

AS21 4525 mNeonGreen | Fluorescent Protein
AS20 4440 BirA (mutated/TurboID)
AS21 4677 GST-tag (monoclonal)
AS21 4685 Myc (monoclonal)
AS20 4442 DYKDDDDK (binds to Sigma FLAG®, polyclonal)
AS20 4443 GFP | Green Fluorescence Protein (polyclonal antibodies)
AS20 4446 BC2-tag
AS20 4441 His-tag | 6xHis (polyclonal)
AS20 4453 HA (monoclonal, Clone 12CA5)
AS21 4687 TAP epitope tag
AS21 4678 MBP Maltose Binding Protein
AS21 4684 S epitope tag
AS21 4675 mStrawberry
AS21 4686 CBP epitope tag