Custom stable reporter cell lines

Quickly get your studies up and running—have SBI make custom stable cell lines that have GFP, RFP, or luciferase fusions to promoters and enhancer elements. Sanbio and SBI have a long-term relationship and we have helped many satisfied customers with the custom services of SBI already.


Get greater insights from in vivo studies with luciferase-labeled cell lines

While SBI already offers a number of ready-to-go reporter cell lines, everyone’s studies are different. Which is why SBI also offers Custom Stable Reporter Cell Line Services that can generate promoter- and/or enhancer-reporter fusions. Save time and effort while leveraging their comprehensive range of technologies and their expert team which has years of experience working with a variety of cell lines, including adherent and suspension cells.

Why choose SBI’s Stable Cell Line Services?

  • Save time by having SBI build your custom cell lines
  • Leverage their highly-regarded gene expression and delivery technologies
  • Accomplish more with SBI's fast turnaround times and end-to-end services
  • Turn to the company that other companies turn to - SBI is a trusted stable cell line manufacturer for many large pharma/biotech companies
  • Enjoy consistent quality, confidentiality, and on-time delivery with all projects completed on-site in SBI's Palo Alto, CA, facility

Available gene expression and delivery technologies

Viral Systems

  • Lentivectors—high titer and reliable

    • Random integration
    • Limited insert size
    • High copy number
  • Lentivirus Packaging—reliable gene delivery
    • High and ultra-high titers
    • Efficient transduction
    • Optimized reagents

Non-viral Systems

  • PhiC31 Integrase System—one-step single-copy integration
    • Site-specific integration
    • Unlimited insert size
    • Single copy number
  • PinPoint Targeted Integration System—excellent for creating isogenic cell lines
    • Site-specific integration
    • Unlimited insert size
    • Single copy number

Not sure what you need or where to begin? Contact our Support team. 

How It Works

Ordering Stable Cell Line Services is easy

Step 1. Contact the services team for a quote by emailing

Step 2. Send us any necessary materials such as parent cell lines (optional).

Step 3. Receive your stable cell line (turn-around time depends on the complexity of your project).