Do you need ready-to-publish Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data?
Our supplier Norgen Biotek offers NGS services to provide full workflow solutions, from RNA isolation and sequencing to advanced bioinformatic analyses. Their experienced staff have extensive expertise working with a variety of sample types, including plasma, serum, saliva, cells, tissue, urine, cerebral spins fluid, plants and more.

RNA (mRNA) Sequencing

  • Comprehensive Service for mRNA and lncRNA sequencing
  • RNA Extraction Service Included
  • Easy to Challenging Sample Types Including Liquid Biopsies
  • Illumina® NextSeq Sequencing Platform
  • Receive Complete View of Coding Transcriptome with Bioinformatics Analysis Service
  • Quantify Gene Expression and Discover Novel Transcripts
  • Fast Turn Around Time | 3 - 4 weeks

Small RNA (microRNA) Sequencing

  • Capture a Complete Range of Small RNA and miRNA species
  • Sequence Ultra-Low Inputs from Liquid Biopsies and Exosomes
  • Illumina® NextSeq Sequencing Platform
  • Understand Post-Transcriptional Regulation with Bioinformatics Analysis Service
  • Examine Differential Expression and Discover Novel Biomarkers
  • Fast Turn Around Time | 3 - 4 weeks

Steps for RNA Services

Step 1. Contact the services team for a quote or information by emailing
Step 2. Shipping your samples; purified RNA and specimens for RNA isolation services is possible. We will provide you with detailed instructions
Step 3: Sample isolation. RNA isolation is included in your RNA sequencing service
Step 4: RNA quality control on the isolated RNA to assess quantity, quality and amplifiability prior to library preparation.
Step 5: Preparing RNA-Seq libraries. The RNA library will then undergo a quality check prior to sequencing.
Step 6: The sample libraries will be sequenced on the Illumina® NextSeq platform to achieve your required coverage and read depth.
Step 7: Their bioinformaticians team conduct a comprehensive analysis to help make sense of your data. You will receive a final report including data illustrated in ready-to-publish figures